PIE Forum 2016


December 08, 2016 Thursday 1:00pm - 7:00pm

LATHAM & WATKINS LLP, 885 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022-4834


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About PIE Forum

Platforms for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PIE) is an invitation-only forum where managers of startup platforms, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators get together to compare notes, exchange ideas and create partnerships to more efficiently scale category defining new ventures.

For Startup Platforms

There are a growing number of organizations that are in the business of starting new companies at scale. Each have their own special sauce, but collectively we call them Startup Platforms. The best managers of these platforms are a rare breed of serial entrepeneurs. PIE is where they meet to exchange ideas, solve problems and make friends.

For Corporate Innovators

In a rapidly changing world, leading enterprises have realized the value of faster and more efficient innovation. This has lead to a wide range of initiatives such as increased corporate venture investing and the creation of innovation departments with varying degrees of freedom to experiment. PIE is where these corporate innovators meet.

For Regional Growth Partnerships

A robust startup ecosystem is fast being recognized as a major driver of economic growth and local job creation. Regional chambers of commerce managers, educators and local businesses are increasingly creating partnerships to drive local innovation. PIE is the place where these connections are made and best practices are defined.

Meet our panelists for 2016

Karen Griffith Gryga

Matthew Hartman

Tyler Forte

Steven Krein

Unity Stoakes

Lylan Masterman

Naveen Selvadurai

David Kidder

Thatcher Bell

Amol Sarva

Will Little

Ben Yoskovitz

Marcus Daniels

David L. Concannon

Kevin Maney

Joe Dwyer

Taylor Margis-Noguera

Heather Hartnett

Taylor Valentine

Michael Loeb

Barry Silbert

Mike Sigal

Sam Flemming

Rodney S. Ridley

David Spielfogel

Joseph Boylan

Dave Lerner

James Spencer

Brian Ardinger

Key Compton

Mike Prasad

Jay Sebben

David S. Rose

Jenny Fielding

Christina Wallace

Ryan Feit

Howard Morgan

Barry Unger

Mike Fitzgerald

Bruce Gallager

Gabriella Draney

Kristian Andersen

Michael Letta

Conference Agenda


1 hr

Registration & Networking

Registration in Lobby, Conference on the 13th Floor.

13G & 13F

15 mins

Welcome (Presentation)

A welcome presentation by Jeff Stewart & Andrew Playford.

13G & 13F

25 mins

Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets (Presentation)

A Presentation by Kevin Maney, co-author of the book - Play Bigger.

13G & 13F

45 mins

Platform Funding (Panel)

Venture studios and accelerators need money to operate. We also need money to invest in our startups. This panel discusses various options around how best to raise capital, the structures that make most sense and how LP’s are thinking about this asset class.

MODERATOR: Matthew Hartman (Betaworks) | PANELIST 1: Lylan Masterman (White Star Capital) | PANELIST 2: Thatcher Bell (CoVenture) | PANELIST 3: Karen Griffith Gryga (DreamIt Ventures)

13G & 13F

45 mins

Startup Structuring (Panel)

Platform managers are adding a layer of value, usually compensated with equity. The panel will discuss different structures that adequately compensate all stake holders while keeping the entities’ cap table workable for future investors.

MODERATOR: Joe Dwyer (Founder Equity) | PANELIST 1: Tyler Forte (VentureLab Growth Partners) | PANELIST 2: Bruce Gallager (True Global Ventures) | PANELIST 3: Taylor Noguera (Vaudeville Ventures)

13th Floor Lobby

20 mins

Break & Networking

Get a coffee. Meet some people.

45 mins

TRACK 1 - 13G

Talent Pipeline (Panel)

A discussion about finding & managing founder talent for your startups. What soft skills do you look for? What is the ideal founder mindset? What skills are non-negotiable and what can be learned?

MODERATOR: Heather Hartnett (Human Ventures) | PANELIST 1: Steven Krein (StartUp Health) | PANELIST 2: Mike Fitzgerald (High Alpha) | PANELIST 3: Jenny Fielding (Techstars)

TRACK 2 - 13F

The Enterprise Growth Stack (Panel)

How are big companies creating growth? How are they avoiding bureaucracy, increasing speed and navigating the Innovator’s Dilemma.

MODERATOR: Christina Wallace (Bionic) | PANELIST 1: David Kidder (Bionic) | PANELIST 2: Taylor Valentine (Horizon Media) | PANELIST 3: Ben Yoskovitz (Highline BETA)


Regional Startup Ecosystems (Working Group)

A working session on how to achieve a critical mass for a startup ecosystem. Global best practices, what has worked, when government can help, and university support done right

MODERATOR: Sam Flemming (Regional Innovation Consultant) | PARTICIPANTS: Rodney Ridley (Wilkes University), David Spielfogel (Ekistic Ventures), Marcus Daniels (Highline BETA), Joseph Boylan (Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce), Dave Lerner (Columbia University), James Spencer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Brian Ardinger (Econic), Barry Unger (Boston University)

45 mins

TRACK 1 - 13G

The Operations Stack (Panel)

A discussion on how to develop your platform so repeatable services like accounting, marketing and operations can be standardized and scaled effectively.

MODERATOR: Will Little (Prota Ventures) | PANELIST 1: Mike Prasad (VentureLab Growth Partners) | PANELIST 2: Amol Sarva (Knotel) | PANELIST 3: Naveen Selvadurai (Expa)

TRACK 2 - 13F

Partnering with Big Companies (Panel)

How can the resources and credibility of a large organization accelerate your startup? Access to customers, your first customer, regulatory support, credibility and capital.

MODERATOR: Michael Loeb (Loeb Enterprises) | PANELIST 1: Barry Silbert (Digital Currency Group) | PANELIST 2: Mike Sigal (500 Startups) | PANELIST 3: Marcus Daniels (Highline BETA)


Best Practice Documents for Platforms (Working Group)

A major risk for startups doing business with large companies is the crippling inertia inherent in editing, changing or rewriting approved legal templates. This working group explores a values & principles based approach for both parties to ultimately adopt to solve this issue.

MODERATOR: Key Compton (Urgent Group) | PARTICIPANTS: David Concannan (Latham & Watkins), Gabriella Draney (Tech Wildcatters), Kristian Andersen (High Alpha), Unity Stokes (StartUp Health), Jay Sebben (L Street Collaborative), Michael Letta (Human Ventures), David Rose (Gust)

13th Floor Lobby

20 mins

Break & Networking

Get a coffee. Meet some people.

13G & 13F

10 mins

The Jobs Act (Presentation)

A short overview of the Jobs Act and how to leverage it for access to capital. By Ryan Feit (SeedInvest).

13G & 13F

15 mins

The History of the Business (Presentation)

A presentation on how the incubator model and opportunity set has changed over the last 20 years. By Howard Morgan (First Round Capital).

13C & 13D

1 hr 15 mins

Drinks & Networking

Event Sponsors

We work with leading companies to create new, high growth businesses.
We are an internet start-up studio based in New York. We make essential products that thoughtfully combine art and science.
We invest in early stage startups and build software in exchange for equity.
Latham & Watkins LLC
A big thanks to David Cancannon and the Technology practice.
HighLine Beta
Startup co-creation is the answer to how big companies can successfully innovate.
Bionic Solutions
We believe enterprises can grow like startups again – that’s where they began.

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  • Corporate Innovators & Venturers
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885 Third Avenue, New York,
NY 10022-4834

PIE Forum
December 08, 2016
Thursday 1:00pm to 7:00pm

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